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We provide the A to Z of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Five things to keep in mind when choosing an SEO consultant

While there are many things to keep in mind when picking someone to help with SEO and online marketing for your website, we feel these five represent some of the most important ones.


Can you show me examples of your recent SEO work? Make sure you ask for examples of competitive keywords, not just long elaborate phrases that there is no competition for.


What keywords and phrases do you think should be targeted for my website? Any SEO consultant worth their salt should be able to identify the core keywords for your industry and let you know how competitive the segment is.


How can you help develop additional links to my site? There are many ways to develop links and we will work with you to develop links that bring both traffic and valuable SEO 'juice' to your website.


How much is it going to cost? A professional SEO consultant will give you a clear idea of which SEO goals can be achieved in your budget. Our SEO technical analysis & audit start at $79 and our monthly plans begin at $39.


Can you guarantee that might site will be number ONE on Google and Bing? No, we can't, and more importantly, no other company can either. What we can guarantee is that your site will start improving in the search results.


SEO Checklist

Here are some of the items included with our comprehensive SEO audit & technical analysis of your site:

  • Domain analysis, identify internal site problems
  • Link research and social media check
  • Images optimization review, image tag check
  • Identify meta tag and code issues, perform cache optimization
  • Pinpoint responsive design issues
  • Speed and page load optimization